Masada Sunrise

Masada Sunrise – The Manual

Let me start by saying I wake up for no sunrise. I'd walk a mile for a camel, and climb ...
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ancient desert Water Cistern from inside

The Cisterns Land of Judean Desert

One of the most amazing things one can find while traveling across the desert here are the water cisterns ...
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a waterhole in Upper Ze'elim Wadi.

The Short Season of Upper Wadi Ze’elim

We have a long season of hiking in the Judean Desert. This trail is great for those who enjoy jumping into these cold waterholes ...
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The Edom Route enters Kina wadi. View from Uza ruins

Yep, Hello world, and a great new record of camels trail

We say its Biblical, but its probably older, and there's enough behind it for a book. The Badu guide names it Darab el Sharif ...
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